Project Management


Project Management Services

Operational Excellence

Considering today’s market and business environment, organizations are challenged to provide operational excellence and the need to increase their value by being more efficient and profitable.

Whether operational excellence means installation of new equipment, implementation of a new service or product, new technology or the need to identify and correct weaknesses in the current operational model, deciding on the right Capital investment plan requires support from a partner like Protea, will guide on what you really need to know about successfully completing your investment projects.

We’re here to offer our services

We use professional project management concepts and maintain high standards so that we ensure your project development is in full compliance with the required technical and functional specifications, applicable industry standards and regulations.

If you are in need for someone to act as Project Manager for your entire project or require support only for a specific area of your project, we are here to offer our services.

Project Manager Role in a Project

As a Project Manager we will be acting on your company behalf. We will manage and track the tasks to keep your project within the budget, timeline, and setting success criteria. We will also work with cross-functional teams and subject matter experts, talk to the functional managers, stakeholders and executives while getting a unique perspective of your business and how the project will impact your organization. We drive your Project Life Cycle, from the Initiation phase through Execution, Monitoring and Closing of the project.

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services to specific areas within your project, such as:

  • Define Business Case and Scope of a project
  • Support with Project timeline and schedule
  • Budget Creation and tracking
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Quality standards and KPI’s
  • Suggest Process tools, techniques and template

Standards and Technical Specifications for your Project Scope of Work

Having a well-defined technical specification for scope of work is very critical. Not only it helps to have a good definition of the deliverable (product or service) through the bidding process, but it reduces risks for change orders and provides a better control of the project budget. Whether you require the development of a concise scope of work for engineering services, purchase new machinery, tooling, integration or other services, Protea will work with our client to understand the needs and will develop the proper SOW documentation.