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Asset Maintenance Documentation

As projects with capital assets come to completion and final documentation is handed over to the group that will operate and maintain the machinery, it is of outmost importance to ensure that Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Plans are in place and that critical spare parts have been ordered and added into inventory.

Once project hand over is completed, asset maintenance strategies are not always followed through and knowledge transfer is getting lost.

Protea can support our customer during this process to ensure that this transition happens smoothly, and the Asset Maintenance Plans are completed and set up in the system balanced to maximize useful life of the assets. Our service offers

Guide our customer during asset transfers to end user, and support the preparation the maintenance plans required to maximize the life expectancy of your investments

Develop overall documentation which will be used to track the tasks required to properly maintain facility, plant or process equipment

Forecasting Spare parts

Estimations for maintenance Cost and evaluations to alternatives

Other Services

New Product Development

New product development and its industrial release are vital to any company growth and bring along their own process and production challenges. Adapting the correct network model, approach and iteration is critical to trigger the right decision regarding industrialization and the potential need of capital equipment.

Protea will guide these developments with a methodological mindset and ensure all requirements are met within a minimal cost and timeline.

Other Services

Total Document Management

We have partnered with TDM Solutions to provide a Technical Document Management Software to our clients located in the North American region. We will lead the project and support our customers in defining the needs, define the detailed technical specifications and manage project until completion, while TDM will build the solution which fulfills the specification requirements.

The document management software is designed to aid customers in better creation, control and circulation of drawings/CAD Files and all-important business documents.

For additional information please “Contact Us” directly or visit TDM Solutions for more detailed information.