Today’s environment is constantly changing and Project and Product Management offices are crucial in providing adequate support for changing priorities. However many organizations find it difficult to define the actual role of the Office in order to achieve satisfactory results in the short, medium and long term.

Aware of the current situation, we (PMOfficers) decided to conduct a survey to have a global vision on the leadership of the PM Offices regarding generation of value at a Strategic, Tactical and Operational level.

The global report reveals that the phenomenon of Project and Product Management Offices have a direct impact on:

  1. The achievement of the strategic objectives of the organization
  2. Constant adaptation in complex and fragile environments of unpredictable changes
  3. Excellence in the management of the entire portfolio has a positive impact on the income statement of any organization
  4. Coexistence of traditional and agile PM is essential
  5. The current global impact shows us that we have moved from a traditional PMO to multiple models of Project and Product Management Offices